Slow. Planned. Methodical.


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Tiumpan Head Lighthouse

As featured in Digital Photographer Magazine, November 2017.

Dunnottar Castle

A 10-photo panorama, resulting in an 85 megapixel final image.

Captured on a rare clear & dry December afternoon, the stitching gives us an amazing level of detail & a theoretical printable size of over 2 metres wide.

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Blood Moon

July 2018. A rented Tamron 600mm lens with a Canon 2x extender gives an equivalent focal length of 1,200mm - approaching telescope territory, enabling me to get a clear view of the rare ‘blood moon’.

Yum Sing

Limited in options by being confined to a narrowboat, I had to get creative in my ideas. A long exposure of over 2 minutes gives us pin-sharp boat detail, while adding texture and movement to the river.

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Tiumpan Head Milky Way

From a technical and practical angle, probably the hardest image.

300 miles north of Glasgow, on a northern peninsula on the Isle Of Lewis, is a now-automated lighthouse. 40 minutes drive from Stornoway and a hilly 10 minute hike up to a good vantage point, when the lighthouse is dormant the light pollution is virtually nil.

2 exposures blended together

Anton, Ricky, Oleg, Drew, Norishige & Scott

A photo from May 2018 of the ISS flying over Normanton Church.

Sunday 20th May 2018. 
2:12am - 2:18am

When you have what is ascribed to be ‘the most expensive man-made object ever’ flying through the sky at 4.7 miles per second, the boffins at NASA like to know exactly where it is, and where its trajectory will take it at any moment in time. Using this information, I was able to map and time my photograph down to the second, weeks in advance.

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Turbine Time

A planned experiment into stacking multiple exposures.

Coming towards Kettering from the westward M6, the wind turbines signify that you are but 10 minutes from home. I waited until the soft evening light was shining, and with a bit of post-processing in Photoshop, was able to combine 25 exposures into this 1.

St Mary’s Episcopal Church, Carden Place, Aberdeen

A 10-photo panorama of this beautiful 19th Century church, creating a whopping 74-megapixel, 270-degree image.

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