• 14th January 2020

Local Wedding Suppliers Part 1: Love In Bloom

Local Wedding Suppliers Part 1: Love In Bloom

Local Wedding Suppliers Part 1: Love In Bloom 1000 750 Editor

This is a new Blog Series – and today we are focusing on Local Wedding Suppliers.

In the first of a new series looking at local suppliers to the wedding industry, I met with Michelle from ‘Live In Bloom’ – a florist with a focus on local people.

Michelle opened her shop in Spring 2019. The story is very similar to my own. Teaching herself from endless hours of YouTube videos, what started out initially as a hobby, quickly outgrew the dining room table, and her creative passion soon turned into a viable business.

Starting in Rothwell, Northamptonshire

Having lived in Rothwell for nearly two decades, a declining 21st century not only saw the closure of most of the towns pubs, a greengrocer and many local establishments, but also of the local florist. Now that Rothwell has joined the Kettering-overspill commuter belt, the town has started to grow and Michelle saw the fresh need for a florist.

But there was another reason; in Michelle’s own words, “It was the realisation that I’m not getting any younger and if I was going to realise my dream of being a flower shop owner and florist I had to just take the bull by the horns and go for it NOW. I’m so happy I did as I love creating such beautiful tokens of love and I’ve met some wonderful people here in the town through the shop.”

And it’s that last statement which resonates with me as a photographer too. A wedding is just 1 day, and some couples do just want someone to turn up to snap some posed photos. However for me it’s the people that make the business so enjoyable. I will always meet with the bride and groom once if not twice before the wedding day, in order for both me to get to know them and what they are like so I can better convey their story, but also so that come Wedding Day they feel more relaxed around me.

“At the moment I would say that about 50% of all my orders are made by local people either over the phone, through my website www.loveinbloom.co.uk or by people who come into the shop. I still do some online orders, however I predominantly started the business to serve the people of the town and the local areas surrounding it.”

Michelle and I continued our chat with a little Q&A:

If someone says “I don’t know what I want for my wedding flowers!” what would you suggest to begin with?

Most brides have a good idea of what they want for their wedding day before they come in to see me. Most have pictures on their phone showing bouquet ideas, some even have scrapbooks with their ideas and wedding planning in them. But if a bride comes in with no idea then it’s always best to start with what style of dress they’re having ideally with a picture of the dress as well as knowing the venue and style/theme of their day. We then talk about bouquet styles, colours and favourite flowers. Shower bouquets have made a big comeback in recent years and a more wild look has started to come in with the emergence of the boho bouquet. It’s a very loose and natural looking bouquet – I love doing them.

I am getting booked for photography typically 6-18 months ahead. When should someone book a florist for their wedding?

Qualified wedding florists are a dying breed so if you want a good florist to do the flowers for your big day then I would always recommend booking your florist early. However getting a florist to do your wedding flowers around peak periods such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas could be tricky and you’ll more likely pay a premium if you want to have your special day around those times. Book as early as you can then you won’t be disappointed. I’ve just taken a booking for a wedding for summer 2021.

What’s the strangest request you’ve ever had? 

Not really had any particularly strange requests but I did have a customer come in to see if I had any dead flowers to go with their Halloween costume as she was a corpse bride. I did chuckle but unfortunately I wasn’t able to sell her anything as I don’t have any dead flowers in stock – fresh flowers only to be found in my shop!

And finally, what is your favourite flower or arrangement to make?

My favourite flower is a pink rose. I had pink David Austin’s in my bouquet and they smelt divine. I’ve always loved roses. They’re one of the few plants I’ve never had much success with growing in my garden so I always go for them in any bouquets I make for myself.
I absolutely love making big arrangements such as table arrangements for weddings as well as wild boho wedding bouquets but I just like working with flowers and foliage to create things of beauty that make people smile, whether it’s a little posy or buttonhole or a birthday bouquet or big table arrangement – I love it all. Making people happy and bringing a smile to their faces makes me happy.

You can order your flowers in person from 3 Fox St, Rothwell, Kettering, NN14 6AN, online from https://www.loveinbloom.co.uk/ or via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Love-in-Bloom-543040549438286/.


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