Wot, no kids?

More and more I am finding 2 trends appearing in weddings, particularly for Millenials in their early-mid 30s.

Firstly is unusual wedding timings. One coming up this year is for 6:30pm on a Sunday night in term time! Being espoused to a teacher means this will be a single-attendee affair, but the knock-on consequence is that presumably the majority of guests will have to book the Monday off work too. Similarly, mid-week weddings are a growing trend. Cost-saving inconvenience?

The other is - usually a more diplomatic form of - no children allowed, such as “Our venue is not child-friendly” for example. A 2016 YouGov poll found 9% of people think children shouldn't be allowed at weddings, while 25% of people think all guests' children should be allowed. What is the thought process behind this: that children will be too noisy, or alter the ambiance?

Let me know your thoughts.

Robert SmithComment