• 6th November 2019

“Thanks, but my *Uncle / best mate / pet cat will do it instead.”

“Thanks, but my *Uncle / best mate / pet cat will do it instead.”

“Thanks, but my *Uncle / best mate / pet cat will do it instead.” 150 150 Editor

Three bookings I’ve lost in the last couple of months now, which were all 99% signed on the dotted line. The reason in each case?

“We like your work, but my…

  • …79 year old Father-in-law-to-be…
  • …fiancé’s work mate…
  • …close family friend…

…has offered to do our wedding photography for us instead.”

All 3 are genuine responses for cancellations I’ve received recently. It begs the question; why did you come looking for a professional photographer in the first place? By no means downplaying nor belittling the skills & talents of these acquaintances & relatives, however the first question is – surely if they are sufficiently close to you that you want them as your photographer, then by token you want them to be a part of and to enjoy your wedding?

Why hire a Wedding Photographer?

So why should you hire me instead, rather than letting your generous and well-intentioned Uncle do it instead?

  • Fully prepared – I come with 2 of everything, backups of backups – no second chances, and no room for error!
  • There is more to running a successful photography business than owning a nice camera.
  • My own ‘Milk Wood’ photographic editing style.
  • Amateur photographer = more work for you.
  • Many happy couples’ worth +5 years of experience.
  • Option of an additional 2nd photographer to capture alternative perspectives & viewpoints.
  • Allow your friend or relative to relax, and enjoy the day, and finally…
  • …you want them to be in the photos too!

My advice? Don’t ignore the kind & generous offer – but just be aware of what you could be missing out on – professional photography… to last a lifetime in your album.

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