• 23rd October 2019

You make HOW MUCH in 1 day?!

You make HOW MUCH in 1 day?!

You make HOW MUCH in 1 day?! 150 150 Editor

One question I get diplomatically grilled on the most often, is how on earth I can justify charging ‘extortionate’ rates for just 1 day, or even half a day’s work. It is one that newcomers to the photography industry often miss too, focussing on a purely hourly rate.

As you can probably guess, there are a raft of costs to contend with, and ‘hide’ within the quote:

  • 2 camera bodies, a small fleet of lenses & accessories – £6,000
  • Computer – £1,000
  • Editing software – £120/year
  • Insurance – £250/year
  • Mortgage/studio rent, vehicle running costs, etc – £ ?

Yes the hardware is all done and paid for, but technology moves quickly and it will need replacing on a 3-5 year cycle.
Lastly, 8 hours of photography does not equal just 8 hours of work. Besides travel, meetings, recce visits and planning beforehand, 8 hours of straight photography will equate to roughly 3-4 days of solid post-production editing. Suddenly we’re looking at 35 hours of work….

This is why I will always, always ask you – what is your budget?

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