• 25th July 2019

Our Budget Isn’t…

Our Budget Isn’t…

Our Budget Isn’t… 150 150 Editor

How much did you spend on your wedding photographer?

I was approached by a young couple recently whose honesty I appreciated, when the opening paragraph to their enquiry stated they had a budget of £1,000. It wasn’t until I read further down the whole message, that this was actually for the entire wedding!

A sliver of that reserved for a wedding photographer, and predictably they had spoken to a few other photographers who had, in few words, told them to quadruple their budget, and then come back again.

However, as a wedding photographer, that’s not how I choose to work.

With the groom-to-be currently job searching, and the future bride a mature student, with 6 months until their wedding, their budget isn’t going to miraculously increase overnight.  Therefore it was down to me to find a way to make it work. We talked through what was most important to them, in order to discern needs from wants, and what they wanted from the day.

The outcome is that a young and financially-restricted couple now have their wedding photographer booked for December this year – within budget – and can now focus upon the other details.

So my next question is – what’s your budget?  Contact me about your wedding and let’s make it magical.

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