the wedding party socially distant
The Lockdown Wedding 902 602 Editor

The Lockdown Wedding

Real Weddings #1 – The Lockdown Wedding Lauren & David Reader’s note: The wedding took place on 9th July 2020, whilst under strict government social distancing guidelines. It wasn’t quite…

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frankie sam wedding cakes
Local Wedding Suppliers Pt 2 1024 683 Editor

Local Wedding Suppliers Pt 2

Local Wedding Suppliers Part 2: Compton & Kennedy’s Emporium Last month (before the lockdown) I met with the lovely Gwen (Compton) and Lindsey (Kennedy) of their eponymous Emporium to talk…

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holdfast moneymaker camera strap
The HoldFast MoneyMaker 1000 667 Editor

The HoldFast MoneyMaker

Gear Blog 1 – The HoldFast MoneyMaker Running parallel to last month’s blog looking at local suppliers around Rothwell & Kettering, this is the first in a new series aimed…

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michelle from love in bloom
Local Wedding Suppliers Part 1: Love In Bloom 1000 750 Editor

Local Wedding Suppliers Part 1: Love In Bloom

This is a new Blog Series – and today we are focusing on Local Wedding Suppliers. In the first of a new series looking at local suppliers to the wedding…

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photography wot no kids
Wot, no kids? 500 333 Editor

Wot, no kids?

More and more I am finding 2 trends appearing in weddings, particularly for Millenials in their early-mid 30s. Wedding Timings Firstly is unusual wedding timings. One coming up this year…

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“Thanks, but my *Uncle / best mate / pet cat will do it instead.” 150 150 Editor

“Thanks, but my *Uncle / best mate / pet cat will do it instead.”

Three bookings I’ve lost in the last couple of months now, which were all 99% signed on the dotted line. The reason in each case? “We like your work, but…

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You make HOW MUCH in 1 day?! 150 150 Editor

You make HOW MUCH in 1 day?!

One question I get diplomatically grilled on the most often, is how on earth I can justify charging ‘extortionate’ rates for just 1 day, or even half a day’s work.…

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Our Budget Isn’t… 150 150 Editor

Our Budget Isn’t…

How much did you spend on your wedding photographer? I was approached by a young couple recently whose honesty I appreciated, when the opening paragraph to their enquiry stated they…

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To Begin At The Beginning 150 150 Editor

To Begin At The Beginning

Sit rep: It started with some ‘groom’s perspective’ photos for a friend 2 years ago in sunny Devon. Then another friend. Then some other friends. Then the brother of the…

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