About Me

The man in his natural habitat.

The man in his natural habitat.


Hello! I’m Rob, a creative wedding & events photographer based just outside leafy Kettering. I’m a husband to Nat (teacher of many languages) & Dad to Hannah.


10 things:

  1. My third-favourite person in our house is my dog Freddie - a fox-red labrador with his own cult Instagram following (@foxredfreddie).

  2. Currently on my 19th car (trust Volvo XC90) - but have never had a crash nor any points.

  3. Tuesday nights are pub quiz night. Our team record is 6 consecutive wins - just don’t ask me any on sport!

  4. I survived a whole 29 years without breaking any bones, then achieved it on the first day of our honeymoon.

  5. Mowing the lawn is my thinking time.

  6. I am adamant that I could beat you in an eating competition.

  7. I once found myself on a Wednesday morning eating pineapple chunks off cocktail sticks at McLaren Automotive HQ.

  8. Never have I ever watched Game Of Thrones, The Matrix, or Star Wars.

  9. I love plaid shirts.

  10. Past jobs have included kids shoe-fitter at Clarks, burger van chef, and door to door sales rep for nPower!